Peter Williams - My Voice is My Guitar

Especially For You Volume 6 - Blue Star CD : Peter Williams - My Voice is My Guitar

Especially For You Volume 6 - Blue Star CD

Especially For You Volume 6 - Blue Star CD

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Dear Peter,
Your CD arrived today. Thank you so much. Your playing just gets better as the years go by. I am playing the album alone by candlelight right now. I find your playing and your exquisite choice of music deeply moving. Virtually every track brings a thousand memories flowing back. Back to when I first heard them. Memories of the wonderful artists that recorded this timeless music. Ex wives and girlfriends etc. Tears in my eyes. Somehow, you manage to put your very own soulful feeling and stamp into these beautiful pieces of music. I can only say a sincere heartfelt thank you. Thank you most especially for including Rick Nelson and Buddy Holly, both of whom have played such an important part in my life through thick and thin. I was also very deeply touched by your dedication to Glen Campbell. What a truly wonderful talent he was. Your friend as always,
David Kelly

Here is my 20th guitar instrumental CD. A selection of 20 tracks for you to enjoy, and ending with my tribute to the great GLEN CAMPBELL with my version of his song I'M NOT GONNA MISS YOU. Earlier in the CD is my version of his song RHINESTONE COWBOY. There are many tracks on this CD that I have wanted to record for a long time. I WISH I WAS 18 AGAIN is one of them. A song that was written by George Burns, and Ray Price did a great job on this song with some help from John Denver. Willie Nelson's BLUE EYES CRYING IN THE RAIN was always special. Then there is Carole King's amazing song WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME TOMORROW. My versions of pop songs like IT'S UP TO YOU from Ricky Nelson, BOYS CRY from Eden Kane, JUST LOVING YOU from Anita Harris, SINGLE GIRL from Sandy Posey and Buddy Holly's TELL ME HOW, and finishing the CD with Christie's YELLOW RIVER. Ballads like IF I ONLY HAD TIME from David Alexander, MARY IN THE MORNING and YOU DON'T KNOW ME from Elvis. The powerful HOUSE OF THE RISING SON from The Animals, Bob Dylan's MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE and the haunting THEME FROM A SUMMER PLACE from Percy Faith. I leave it to the end of my notes to mention QUE SERA SERA from the wonderful Doris Day, because WHATEVER WILL BE, WILL BE. Thank you for enjoying my music.
Peter Williams ©2018

1 Blue Star Edward Heyman / Victor Young
2 It's Up To You Jerry Fuller
3 Blue Eyes Cryin' In The Rain Fred Rose
4 House Of The Rising Sun Alan Price
5 Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow Carole King
6 I Wish I Was 18 Again George Burns
7 Single Girl Martha Sharpe
8 Rhinestone Cowboy Larry Weiss
9 Mary In The Morning Michael Rashkow / Johnny Cymbal
10 One Day At A Time Kris Kristofferson
11 Make You Feel My Love Bob Dylan
12 Tell Me How Buddy Holly
13 Just Loving You Tom Springfield
14 Boys Cry Kaye / Scott
15 You Don't Know Me Walker / Arnold
16 Theme From A Summer Place Max Steiner / Mack Discant
17 If I Only Had Time Fishman / Fugane / Delanoe
18 Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be Will Be) Jay Livingston/Ray Evans
19 Yellow River Jeff Christie
Special Tribute To Glen Campbell
20 I'm Not Gonna Miss You Glen Campbell

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