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Peter Williams - Playing on my heart strings CD : Peter Williams - My Voice is My Guitar

Peter Williams - Playing on my heart strings CD

Peter Williams - Playing on my heart strings CD

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1. Sheila - Tommy Roe / Tommy Roe
2. Dreamin' - Barry De Vorzon and Ted Ellis / Johnny Burnette
3. World Without Love - Paul McCartney / Peter and Gordon
4. Don't Worry - Marty Robbins / Marty Robbins / Billy Fury
5. Image Of A Girl - Marvin Rosenberg and Richard Clasky / Mark Wynter
6. Take Good Care Of My Baby - Carole King and Gerry Goffin / Bobby Vee
7. Bobby's Girl - Gary Klein and Henry Hoffman / Susan Maughan
8. Tears On My Pillow - Sylvester Bradford and Al Lewis / Little Anthony / Johnny Nash
9. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do - Neil Sedaka and Howard Greenfield / Neil Sedaka
10. Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond / Neil Diamond
11. Anna Marie - Cindy Walker / Jim Reeves
12. The Rivers Of Babylon - Brent Dowe and Trevor McNaughton / Boney M
13. Only 16 - Sam Cooke / Craig Douglas / Dr Hook
14. Rubber Ball - Gene Pitney and Aaron Schroeder / Bobby Vee
15. How Do You Think I Feel - Webb Pearce and Wayne Walker / Red Sovine / Elvis Presley
16. Around The World - Harold Adamson and Victor Young / Ronnie Hilton / Buddy Greco
17. Morningtown Ride - Malvina Reynolds / The Seekers
18. Never Be Anyone Else But You - Baker Knight / Ricky Nelson
19. True Love - Cole Porter / Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly
20. I'll Be Your Sweetheart - Harry Dacre / Vic Oliver and Margaret Lockwood

The collection of songs on this CD should take you to an imaginary jukebox where you crunch in your favourite song titles and depending on your mood every title will pluck at some heart string. Times past, times relived with those who have left us, with those present, each note will surely deliver a memory.

I urge you to press play on your CD player, close your eyes and imagine each classic, you will fi nd yourself singing as I did to the wonderful guitar sound that leads the way in Peter’s approach.

With so many songs on our own lifes’ jukeboxes it’s hard to narrow down those that are most poignant, so see where Heart Strings takes you.

Don’t forget, press play, close your eyes (not if you’re driving!) and let Heart Strings take you to your own secret place, enjoy the ride.

Do send Peter your favourite titles and if he gets enough requests, you never know he might feature a favourite of yours on his next outing!

Graham Hunter - Artist Management / Consultancy


From Peter ...

Hello Everyone, Welcome to my 23rd album ‘Playing On My Heart Strings’.

I must thank Graham Hunter for his Liner Notes for this CD. Always supportive and I always let him have a listen to each track as I record it. Graham looks after Marty Wilde and Mark Wynter, names you will be aware of. In fact, I recorded Mark Wynter’s ‘Image Of A Girl’ and he sent me this note: Oh my, took me right back to my fi rst Decca recording session at the tender age of 17yrs. To walk in & see a studio full of Musicians ready to accompany me on that track with ‘The Glory of Love‘ as the B side. The realisation of my dream to be a recording artiste since the age of 13yrs.
I’d forgotten what a catchy Doo Wop tune that is and the mark of a good tune is if it can be played simply on a variety of instruments. Peter’s Guitar version really sells the melody. On that score it could have been an instrumental. In the heyday of Duane Eddy or The Shadows quite possibly a hit. Thanks for the memory! Mark Wynter.

Thank you, Mark. I was absolutely delighted to receive your note.

I do want to thank GAK Brighton for replacing my Amp. Mine had stopped working just before I started this album and I contacted the guys at GAK and purchased a Fender Mustang GT100. My new amp was delivered quickly and then I realised my guitar settings had vanished with my old amp. Help was at hand. GAK had Fender call me and having listened to me playing on You Tube, confi gured my amp to the 1957 setting I use for my guitar sound. My guitar settings are now saved on my phone. Clever stuff . All done remotely through my PC to my amp via the wireless setting for my broadband.

I always get asked about my guitar. So here are the details:

Fender Mexico Guitar, Made in 1998. Serial Number - MN8316511 Made in Ensenada Factory, Mexico.

Peter Williams © 2022

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