Peter Williams - My Voice is My Guitar

Especially For You Vol. 3 - From the heart CD : Peter Williams - My Voice is My Guitar

Especially For You Vol. 3 - From the heart CD

Especially For You Vol. 3 - From the heart CD

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This album contains many of my favourite songs that require emotional guitar playing. I must say I do love the sad songs, hence the title From The Heart. Only recently I went to a Charlie Landsborough concert, and was absolutely knocked out by his wonderful music. I decided to cover ‘What Colour Is The Wind’ and ‘Love You Every Second.’ Charlie puts so much emotion into his music, and he is delighted that I have covered two songs on this album. John Denver’s ‘Today’ is another great song that you rarely hear, and Del Shannon’s ‘Kelly’ is a real favourite of mine. I am also passionate about The Everly Brothers, so I have covered ‘Let It Be Me’ and ‘Devoted To You.’ In the latter I have tried to replicate their perfect harmony by playing both Don & Phil’s part in this song. If you recall a spot on the Simon Bates BBC Radio 2 show called ‘Our Tune,’ he used a haunting tune called ‘A Time For Us.’ My wife Sonja plays piano on this one. Then we have two Buddy Holly favourites of mine, ‘The Valley Of Tears’ and ‘True Love Ways.’
Naturally, there just had to be a couple of Billy Fury tracks, Billy’s wonderful ‘Lady’ and ‘Open Your Arms.’ ‘Welcome To My World’ opens this CD which is a great Jim Reeves song. I have also included his ‘After Loving You,’ which has great melody. I feature Roy Orbison’s ‘Beautiful Dreamer’ which is played in a really slow tempo as it was originally written by Stephen Foster. I always enjoyed Skeeter Davis’ version of ‘The End Of The World,’ a really haunting tune. Similarly, the Foster & Allen version of ‘As Tears Go By.’ I have included a Beatles song, ‘Here There And Everywhere’ and I close this album with ‘The Rose’ by Westlife, a really moving version of this song.
Peter Williams 2009

James Cullinan of Finbarr International writes......

When ‘The Beat’ reviewer Graham Hunter reviewed Peter Williams Christmas album, he commented that you could “Hear Every Word.” What a curious statement about an instrumental album - yet it summed up the whole wonder of this remarkable guitarist. With Peter Williams, you do ‘Hear every word,’ for he brings out the unspoken element in each one. Not for the first time has Peter recorded a song I have loved for many years by the original artiste, only to be gobsmacked at his version and then actually preferring it! And I am not easily impressed. It is my business selling CDs by mail - to hear different artistes all the time, many new and unknown. Only half a dozen times in the last fifteen years have I been singularly impressed with someone I have not heard before, and naturally Peter Williams is one of them. Indeed Peter Williams has become one of Finbarr’s top selling acts out of hundreds that we promote. Yet he is not a ‘Nostalgia’ act, as this album ably demonstrates, which covers both the recent past and the distant. His style is timeless, and if something has a melody he’ll do it, be it Del Shannon or Westlife. This album is literally ‘Something for everybody’ with a romantic taste. Opening with the apt ‘Welcome To My World,’ we are introduced to the world of Peter Williams with all its warmth and magic. It is hard to single out particular tracks, for each has its own charm. The point is to enjoy, of which there is plenty.
© James F. Cullinan
Finbarr International February 2009

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1.    Welcome To My World
2.    Run To Him
3.    Beautiful Dreamer
4.    Today
5.    Lady
6.    Let It Be Me
7.    Here There And Everywhere
8.    A Time For Us
9.    Words
10.    What Colour Is The Wind
11.    Kelly
12.    True Love Ways
13.    Valley Of Tears
14.    Open Your Arms
15.    Love You Every Second
16.    The End Of The World
17.    After Loving You
18.    As Tears Go By
19.    Devoted To You
20.    The Rose

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