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Walkin' Back To Happiness CD : Peter Williams - My Voice is My Guitar

Walkin' Back To Happiness CD

Walkin' Back To Happiness CD

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'Walkin' Back To Happiness' with Peter Williams. Hello Everybody, and welcome to my 14th CD. This album Is a collection of some of my favourite tracks from the 50s & 60s. There are some that are very special to me. Back in the 80s, I was privileged to meet Connie Francis. What a wonderful voice she has, and I have recorded my version of her song 'My Happiness' for this CD. There is a strong Liverpool connection for this album as Billy Fury, our first rock star would have been 70 last April, and I was honoured to be asked by Chris Eley from Billy's fan club, to record 'I'm Lost Without You' for a very special memorial service at Mill Hill, so that the fans that were gathered there could sing along to my version of his great song. I was also pleased to be back in touch with Charlie Gallagher, drummer from 'The Cryin' Shames', and I have recorded 'Please Stay' as a tribute to him. Remembering the days when we used to go to The Cavern Club, I just had to do 'How Do You Do It' from Gerry & The Pacemakers and another favourite of mine, Billy J Kramer's 'Bad To Me'. I have always been a Cliff Richard fan, so there is no surprise that I have 4 of his songs on this album, 'The Young Ones', 'Constantly','Travelin' Light' and 'The Minute You're Gone'.
There had to be an Elvis of course, and I have chosen 'Never Ending'. I have included 'You're My World' from Cilia Black, but I always thought that this would have been a wonderful song for Elvis to have done. Other favourites on this CD are Buddy Holly's 'Heartbeat' and 'Everyday', Gene Vincent's 'Say Mama' - a real foot tapper, 'A Teenager In Love' recorded by Craig Douglas and Marty Wilde, and not forgetting Eden Kane's 'Well I Ask You'. There are 29 tracks on this CD, which is as about as many I can fit on it. I just want to keep on recording these fabulous songs until I am told to stop - the CD is full! I do want to mention one of the two bonus tracks I have added to this album. I always loved the wonderful R.E.M. song - 'Everybody Hurts', so I have included it on this CD as a bonus track for you. It is such a beautiful piece of music. I hope you enjoy this album, and I hope to be able to record many more of the great songs from the 50s & 60s. I would now like to thank Doug Abbott for designing the cover of this album. These are American singles from his collection in case you didn't recognise the labels.
Peter Williams ©2010

01. Say Mama
02. I Only Want To Be With You
03. The Carnival Is Over
04. I'll Never Get Over You
05. When You Ask About love 0 6. Well I Ask You
07. Everyday
08. Travelin' Light
09. Heartbeat
10. Please Stay
11. Lonely Pup
12. The Young Ones
13. Raining In My Heart
14. How Do You Do It
15. Bad To Me
16. Donna
17. A Teenager In Love
18. You're My World
19. Never Ending
20. Constantly
21. I'm Lost Without You
22. The Minute Your Gone
23. Walkin' Back To Happiness
24. My Happiness
25. California Dreamin'
26. It's My Party
27. The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Bonus Track: Morning Has Broken
Bonus Track: Everybody Hurts

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