Peter Williams - My Voice is My Guitar

Peter Williams - By Request CD : Peter Williams - My Voice is My Guitar

Peter Williams - By Request CD

Peter Williams - By Request CD

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Your favourite requests played as only Peter Williams can in his own inimitable style

By Request indeed, and I’ve been privy to the long list that Peter is getting through, recording the melodies you asked him to play. I’m so pleased he hasn’t just concentrated on top ten international hits too. Don’t get me wrong, they are all hit songs that mean so much to those who have made requests and what a thrill for Peter to have had the stamp of approval from so many of the original artists who wrote and recorded the song titles he plays honestly and without a fuss.
I couldn’t make a recipe with what has been chosen for this CD, such a list of musical ingredients and all so very different from each-other, ’50’s, ’60’s, Country, Pop, Novelty, Rock’n’roll, it’s quite simply an album/CD that you have chosen the contents of.
I can’t wait to hear what’s next on the list of requests and it’s something I’ll be sure to listen out for as Peter records in his inimitable guitar style. Give this platter a spin (well….CD!) so, make your request, you never know!
This will register with Peter’s fans base for so many have requested their favourites and Peter has been burning the candle at both ends recording them and I know he’s not finished yet so ‘watch-this-space’!
PS. Thanks for the tune dedicated to me, “Her Royal Majesty”, I’ve always loved James Darren’s records and that one for me just sits comfortably, suspended in time.
Graham Hunter

Thank you for sending along Peter Williams instrumental  recording of Dreamy Eyes. I’m always honoured when someone thinks enough of my songs to record them and put their own love of the music  into it. I really enjoyed the Duane Eddy treatment he had  on the guitar.  Dreamy Eyes being one of the first songs I wrote and also  the first released on Cadence Records it has a special place in my heart.   Johnny Tillotson

Jesamine was one of my favourite songs that I wrote, and to hear it played so sweetly as an instrumental is a real treat for me, so well done!   Marty Wilde

Welcome to my 24th CD. This has been great fun to record as the song choices have all come from you, my customers. It has been a real challenge and very enjoyable to learn and play this incredible mix of 20 tracks. This may well be just Volume 1 as I have a lot more from you that could create a Volume 2. I think you have all really tested me on this list but I have now completed the recordings to present to you in this album. I do hope you enjoy the CD and it really has been great fun making this album for you. The most requested track is ‘DREAMY EYES’ from the wonderful JOHNNY TILLOTSON, and I was fortunate that Johnny was able to listen to my recording thanks to EDEN KANE taking my version to play to him where he lives in Los Angeles. Second comes ‘CRYING TIME’ which was written by BUCK OWENS for RAY CHARLES, but my favourite version was watching GLEN CAMPBELL singing it on stage with his 80 year old Mum. ELVIS should have released his version which was only recorded at a rehearsal at a concert. The dedications page will explain specific recordings that I have done for some special people. The BILLY FURY track ‘WE WERE MEANT FOR EACH OTHER’ is here for the reason it should have been released as a single by him as it is such a good song and I wanted to do it as a tribute. I always really liked JESAMINE the song penned by MARTY WILDE for THE CASUALS. Again, I have had a lovely quote on my version of this song from Marty. I am a big fan of JOHN FOGERTY and the wonderful songs he wrote during his time with CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL. I have two of his tracks on this album. He always talks about as soon as he got home from WOODSTOCK he wrote ‘WHO’LL STOP THE RAIN’. During my recording of this CD the world lost the wonderful voices of JUDITH DURHAM and OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN. A tribute to both of these fine performers is here. That’s about it without mentioning every track, as each has a purpose, and I hope I have done you all proud covering this excellent list of songs. Stay safe everyone, until the next time.
Peter Williams © 2022

01    ISLAND OF DREAMS (The Springfields)
02    WE WERE MEANT FOR EACH OTHER (Billy Fury)  (Dedicated to Chris Eley & all at the Sound Of Fury Fan Club)
03    UP AROUND THE BEND (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
04    LET ME BE THERE (Olivia Newton John and Elvis Presley) (Dedicated to Olivia Newton John)
05    I’LL NEVER FIND ANOTHER YOU (The Seekers)  (Dedicated to Judith Durham)
06    COME ON, LETS GO (Richie Valens)
07    SEA OF HEARTBREAK (Don Gibson)
08    DREAMY EYES (Johnny Tillotson)  (Dedicated to Johnny Tillotson and Tommy Graham)
09    A WHITE SPORT COAT (And A Pink Carnation) (Marty Robbins)
10    AND I LOVE YOU SO (Elvis Presley and Perry Como)
11    WANDERING EYES (Charlie Gracie and Frankie Vaughan)
12    CRYING TIME (Buck Owens and Ray Charles)
13    HER ROYAL MAJESTY (James Darren) (Dedicated to Graham Hunter)
14    CONSTANT CRAVING (K.D. Lang)  (Dedicated to Juliette and John Read from ‘Leo’s Den’)
15    PAMELA, PAMELA (Wayne Fontana) (Dedicated to Doug Abbott)
16    FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)
17    WHO’LL STOP THE RAIN (John Fogerty & Creedence Clearwater Revival)
18    JESAMINE (Marty Wilde and The Casuals) (Dedicated to Marty Wilde)
19    FROM A JACK TO A KING (Ned Miller)
20    MAKE ME AN ISLAND (Joe Dolan)

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