Peter Williams - My Voice is My Guitar

Peter Williams - By Request CD vol 2 : Peter Williams - My Voice is My Guitar

Peter Williams - By Request CD vol 2

Peter Williams - By Request CD vol 2

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Your favourite requests played as only Peter Williams can in his own inimitable style

Peter Williams Review LRR26

On my sleeve notes on Peter’s last CD issue, ‘By Request’ (Especially For You Vol.9) I made a passing comment “Give this CD a spin, make your request, you never know!” and consequently Peter has been snowed under with your demands. I’m surprised I was even allowed to put pen to paper on this release!
Put simply, the requests have poured in and what a CD release this is, full of melodies, some unexpected gems, an absolute avalanche of music and surprises here, I very much doubt it is the last of the ‘Request’ CD’s for the list is endless and there are many tunes Peter has yet to contemplate tackling, add to that the balance of tempo’s needs to be right, to create a good flow for you the listener.
The music herein ranges from popular melodies of the 1950’s, with stopovers in the 1960’s and ‘70’s, there’s also room for an original title by Alan Rondeau (“On The Line”) on this opus.
I won’t write about each individual title, your ears are the best to enjoy the recordings, suffice to say singer/songwriter Charlie Landsborough recently said that he liked the ‘Pure, clean guitar tone' and it’s something you’ll hear throughout. Peter spends a great deal of time on each title and if he doesn’t like something he re-does it and I know re-mixes it until he is pleased with the recording. Great care is taken at all levels, each note is true to the manuscript.
I wonder what’s next?............I have a few on my list, do you?
Graham Hunter

Hi Everyone - welcome to my 25th guitar instrumental CD. Thank you so much for sending in your requests for my BY REQUEST CD project. I didn’t realise that when Graham Hunter mentioned this idea in his Liner Notes what a fabulous response this would create. This is the second volume and I do have enough for a Volume 3. I think if our radio stations realised what we all like to listen to they would have a shock. I am sticking to the more popular requests as some coming in are so obscure and rare that others wouldn’t know them. What I think is important is bringing these songs back to life and I will do as many of them as I can. As long as the CDs keep selling, I will record them. It is a labour of love. I do have some rules recording these tracks. I want to keep as precisely as I can to the original music. I don’t like to alter or change them in any way from the original score. I work off the printed sheet music at all times.
I do have some favourites of my own in this mix, but all chosen by you. There are 3 Irish tunes with GALWAY GIRL, HILLBILLY GIRL, and a new version of THE FIELDS OF ATHENRY as I have been asked so many times to record it again.
I hope you enjoy this new selection. I just loved playing songs like MAYBE TOMORROW from ‘The Littlest Hobo’. Not forgetting the wonderful treatment of YELLOW BIRD from The Mills Brothers. and ALWAYS THERE from ‘Howards’ Way’. Then two fantastic songs from Sir Tom Jones WITH THESE HANDS and COME PRIMA from Mario Lanza.
Enjoy. I know I did recording them.
Peter Williams
© 2023


01    AMARILLO (Tony Christie)
(Dedicated to Tony Christie & Peter Kay)
02    GALWAY GIRL (Steve Earl)
(Dedicated to Steve Earl - Sharon Shannon & Mundy)
03    MAYBE TOMORROW (Terry Bush)
(Theme song from “THE LITTLEST HOBO”)
04    ALWAYS THERE (HOWARDS’ WAY) (Simon May & Marti Webb)
(Theme song from “HOWARD’S WAY”) (Dedicated to Juliette - Leo’s Den)
05    A PICTURE OF YOU (Joe Brown & The Bruvvers)
(Dedicated to Jim & Deidre)
06    YELLOW BIRD (The Mills Brothers)
(Dedicated to John “MUSIC MAN” Fisher)
07    HOME AND AWAY (Tony Hatch)
(Theme song from “HOME AND AWAY”)
08    WITH THESE HANDS (Tom Jones)
(Dedicated to Tom Jones & Dickie Valentine)
09    ONLY YOU (Smokie)
(Dedicated to Mick & Pauline)
(Dedicated to Ellisa & Mario Lanza & Tommy Graham)
11    HILLBILLY GIRL (Lisa McHue)
(Dedicated to Lisa McHue)
12    YOU DON’T KNOW (Helen Shapiro)
(Dedicated to Doug Abbott)
13    WHY (Frankie Avalon - Anthony Newley)
14    PAPER ROSES (Anita Bryant - Marie Osmond)
(Dedicated to Gina Osborne)
15    VISIONS (Cliff Richard)
(Dedicated to Cliff Richard Fans Everywhere & all at LEO’S DEN)
16    ALL OVER THE WORLD (Francoise Hardy - The Seekers)
17    HEY PAULA (Paul & Paula)
(Dedicated to Diana - my Sister)
18    ON THE LINE (Alan Rondeau)
(Original instrumental, written by and dedicated to Alan Rondeau)
19    THE FIELDS OF ATHENRY (Re-mastered) (The Dubliners & Paddy Reilley)
20    WIND OF CHANGE (Scorpions) 
(Dedicated to Phil Tipping for advice on my new TASCAM DP24 recording desk)

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